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DigiSecret Steganography Encryption Software


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Safely Hide All of Your Secrets in Plain Sight

Digi-Secret is a brand new Windows software (Coming soon to Mac) that instantly hides, encrypts, and safely stores your secrets inside an image rendering them invisible to the human eye.

Digi-Secret is easy to use and can:

  1. Discretely hide, encrypt and safely store confidential information inside your computer (or on the cloud) such as: Files (Word, Excel, PDF, MP3, Short MP4), Photos, Passwords, and More.

  2. Securely communicate such confidential information via email.

  3. Bypass censorship.

How it Works


Shield to show that DigiSecret protects files

Double Protection

As your confidential file (or photo, short video, voice recording ...) gets embedded inside an image of your choice, it is also encrypted using SHA256 algorithm rendering your secret safe.

Locked email to show that you can communicate safely with email.

Secure & Secret Email Communication

Your secret, embedded inside an image, can be sent as an attachment by email without attracting attention, and without being blocked by security software (as often happens with zipped or encrypted files).

Secure communication between DigiSecret partners.


Digi-Secret works completely offline.

Selective access to your secrets. You can decide who, among Digi-Secret users, can access your secret.

Simple and intuitive application.

Why us?

We have created Digi-Secret to cater to individuals who highly value their privacy and personal autonomy. In today's tech-driven world, where our digital lives are constantly intertwined, protecting our privacy has become more crucial than ever. Digi-Secret is the best way to store and communicate your confidential information safely and secretly. We proudly remain unaffiliated with major tech conglomerates, and our mission is to empower individuals by returning control over their privacy. Digi-Secret operates entirely offline, guaranteeing that your sensitive data remains truly confidential.

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