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Free Trial (Windows OS only)

You may download in full anonymity the  installer (ver 1.5.0 | 01 July 2024), inclusive of a 7 day free trial license, directly from our cloud. At the end of the trial you will not be able to encrypt new secrets (however, you will always be able to decrypt existing secrets).

This application works offline and does not make use of any cloud storage.

Compatible only with Windows OS.

Secure and Trustworthy Software Solutions

At DigiFace Solutions Pte Ltd, we prioritize your security and trust. Our software is certified by DigiCert Inc., a leading Certificate Authority (CA), ensuring it's genuine and secure right from the source. Rigorous third-party security audits back our commitment to excellence, providing you with a transparent and reliable digital experience. With DigiSecret, you're choosing a commitment to top-notch security practices and data privacy. Trust us to deliver a safe, verified solution tailored to your needs.


Contact if you face any installation issues.

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