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Art Dealers

If discretion is a priority of yours, Digi-Secret is the tool for you.

What can Digi-Secret do for you?

Digi-Secret can add value in two areas:

For secure management of your database.

Inside the picture of your valuable pieces, you can hide confidential information such as the details of the seller/buyer, the bid/ask price, or the invoice/receipt of the transaction. Such confidential information will be embedded in the picture eliminating the risk of misplacement, and most importantly, will be invisible to non-authorized eyes.

For your most confidential deals.


You can secretly send/receive an offer/bid of a piece that you want to trade with the greatest confidentiality by hiding its picture, along with some notes, inside the image of an ordinary piece of art, and then email such image to one or more recipients. The email system nor any recipient, except for the ones that you have authorized, will not detect the presence of the secret message. The transaction is performed secretly, yet in plain sight.


  • Double protection. As your confidential file (or photo, short video, voice recording...) gets embedded inside an image of your choice, it is also encrypted using SHA256 algorithm rendering your secret safe.

  • Safe and secure email communication. An image attachment, loaded with a secret, does not attract attention, and it is not blocked by security software (as often happens with zipped or encrypted files).

  • Allow selective access to your secrets. You can decide who can access your secret.

  • Anonymity. Digi-Secret and its license activation work completely offline.

  • No subscription. Licenses are purchased if/when needed.

  • Simple and intuitive application. There is no need to assign a password to each secret

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