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Your Trust, Our Commitment

Secure and Trustworthy Software Solutions

At DigiFace Solutions Pte Ltd, we prioritize your security and trust. Our software is certified by DigiCert Inc., a leading Certificate Authority (CA), ensuring it's genuine and secure right from the source. Rigorous third-party security audits back our commitment to excellence, providing you with a transparent and reliable digital experience. With DigiSecret, you're choosing a commitment to top-notch security practices and data privacy. Trust us to deliver a safe, verified solution tailored to your needs.

Additional Step: Viewing Certificate Details

Click here to see how to check the Digital Signature for your self.


Responsible Use Policy:


We are committed to developing innovative and secure steganography solutions designed to meet our users' diverse needs in data protection and information hiding. Our technology empowers individuals and organizations to safeguard their digital assets and communications, fostering a secure environment for digital expression and exchange.

Legal Use Declaration: We earnestly remind our users that DigiSecret is intended exclusively for legitimate and lawful purposes. It is imperative that the use of our software adheres to all applicable laws and regulations. The utilization of DigiSecret for illegal activities, including but not limited to the distribution of malicious content or infringing on the privacy and rights of others, is strictly prohibited.

Zero Tolerance for Illegal Content:


Our stance against the distribution and dissemination of illegal content, particularly child pornography, is unwavering. While DigiSecret is designed to operate entirely offline to ensure maximum privacy and data security for our users, we have taken a targeted approach to uphold ethical standards. Specifically, our sophisticated AI algorithms are applied exclusively to images during the encryption process. This ensures that only these files undergo AI scanning to detect the presence of child pornography, without compromising the overarching privacy benefits of our offline software. This measure is a testament to our proactive commitment to combatting the spread of illegal material, demonstrating our dedication to ethical practices and the safety of individuals online, while maintaining the integrity and security of user data.

Immediate Action upon Detection:


Should DigiSecret detect any content that contravenes our policy against child pornography, the implicated account will instantly be limited to decryption-only mode. This action effectively prevents the concealed distribution of child pornography through our platform. By implementing such measures, we underscore our resolute commitment to preventing the misuse of our technology and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals. This step is a reflection of our zero-tolerance policy towards the abuse of DigiSecret and our dedication to fostering a safe and responsible digital environment.


Privacy and Confidentiality:


We want to reassure our users that these measures are implemented with the utmost respect for privacy and confidentiality. As explained earlier, our AI algorithms are designed to detect specific illegal content without infringing on the general privacy of user data.

We urge all our users to utilize DigiSecret responsibly and ethically. By choosing to use our software, you agree to abide by our responsible use policy and contribute to a safer and more secure digital environment for everyone.

For any questions or concerns about our policies or the responsible use of DigiSecret, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Authenticity Check


Users can also right-click on the executable file, select "Properties," go to the "Digital Signatures" tab, select the signature from the list, and then click on "Details" to view the certificate. In the Certificate window, clicking on "View Certificate".

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