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Free Trial

You may download in full anonymity the installer (ver 3.41 28Apr22), inclusive of the free trial license, directly from our cloud. At the end of the trial you will not be able to encrypt new secrets (however, you will always be able to decrypt existing secrets)

Click here to download the free trial.

Digi-Secret hides and encrypts information (files, images, or text messages) inside pictures.

This application will allow you to securely store sensitive information on your computer and/or secretly exchange information with trusted partners via email.

This application works offline and does not make use of any cloud storage.

Compatible only with Windows OS. Note: Due to the fact that Digi-Secret is a very new product and was downloaded a limited number of times, Microsoft Windows may have pop up an alert. Rest assured that Digi-Secret is virus-free.

Warning: Do not install this application more than once on the same computer.


Contact if you face any installation issues.

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