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DigiSecret Encryption Software Base Version License Key

Click here to download the software and or try the free trial before purchasing a license.


DigiSecret is brand new, as a result we are having a launch sale of 20% off all of our licenses!


The DigiSecret software allows you to safely store confidential information (files, PDF, photos, passwords, etc) by encrypting them inside dummy images.


You will always be able to decrypt existing secrets. Upon license expiration, you will not be able to hide new information.


Warning: Do not compress the dummy image or the secret will be destroyed.


The base version is made for friends and family which allows the sharing of secrets with up to 3 trusted partners.


It is possible to share the dummy image via email with other people however only trusted partners selected by the user will be authorized to view the secret in the dummy image.


In the interest of anonymity the encryption process used to hide confidential information does not require any internet connectivity (further, no cloud or online services are provided).


The license key is only compatible with Windows OS.


Note: This is just the license. To use this license, you must first download the free trial.

Digi-Secret License Key | Base Version (3 Trusted Partners) | Windows Version

S$14,99 Regular Price
S$11,99Sale Price
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